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You want to buy a property

If you are looking for a property to buy, we’ll find it for you.

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You want to sell a property

When selling a property, marketing it on a full-service basis or placing it with an agent, the mutual key factor is trust. Our customers rely on our professional service and absolute discretion.

All of the mandates received by GRICHTING Real Estate for carefully maintained properties undergo various stages of preparation.

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Investment properties and tourism projects

In addition to exclusive residential and non-residential properties, GRICHTING Real Estate promotes the sale of attractive investment properties in the Valais-Wallis region as part of the investment property and tourism business.

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Our service

GRICHTING Real Estate offers a comprehensive range of services alongside our core competence in sales and brokerage.

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Financial advice

Property buying is inextricably linked to the banking sector. GRICHTING Real Estate has extensive experience in the financial sector and keeps a close eye on the current status of several well-known financial institutions in the mortgage market.

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Assessment/property valuations

We follow modern guidelines and, depending on the building, hire qualified specialists to carry out an objective property assessment and valuation.

For customers of GRICHTING Real Estate, the valuation of a standard property is free of charge and forms part of our service.

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GRICHTING Real Estate offers advice and support in all insurance matters.

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Property management

GRICHTING Real Estate will take care of all your tax and accounting affairs upon request. We manage private and commercial properties (including condominium ownership – joint ownership) and deal with administrative matters efficiently and professionally.

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Moving to Switzerland

Both Switzerland and our canton Valais-Wallis are becoming more attractive to foreign nationals. Regulated processes, security, quality of life, a unique regional landscape and substantial tax benefits are influential in persuading people to move to this country.

We offer guidance and support with the necessary formalities. This service is exclusively available to GRICHTING Real Estate’s clients.

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V.I.P. Service

GRICHTING Real Estate provides its customers with a unique service.

Try our services – the results will surprise you.

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